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FaceTime (Simple Video Calls for iPhone)

 FaceTime s a free program that allows you to video call your friends and family. It is very simple to use as it is just like making a regular phone call.      Step 1 : Make sure your iPhone is unlocked and at the home screen and is connected to Wi-Fi. If                               you are unsure how to do this check out our article [hyperlink the Wi-Fi article on the word                                "article" after its published ] or our YouTube video about turning on   Wi-Fi on your                               devices.     Step 2: After getting to the home screen you will see your list of apps and amongst them will be                              Settings . Tap on Settings.      Note: If you don't see Settings swipe down to and type in "Settings" and just tap on the settings app from there.      Step 3 : Now you will see a list of menus. Swipe down until you see FaceTime (little green square                          and a little white square insid

How to Connect to WiFi on iPhone

 Wi-Fi is an important tool that can help you stay connected to your friends, families where ever they are in the world. Read on to learn how to connect your mobile phone to a Wi-Fi connection.           Step 1 : Turn on your iPhone and bring it to the home screen. The setting icon is a gray one with a           little dark gray circle inside it.              Step 2 : Tap on Settings this will take you to a long list of menus           Step 3 : Tap on Wi-Fi  (the little blue pizza slice looking thing with waves) this will show you a                               list of  available networks that you can connect.                 Note: If you are not connected to a network it will just show the list of available                                                     networks beneath the name Networks. Also if there is a lock on the right side of                                    the name that means that it requires a password.           Step 4 : You will have to know the name of the networ