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Meet Our Volunteers - Rachel

Hello Everyone!  My name is Rachel Semenchuk, I'm a Senior at FAU High School, and a Junior majoring in Biochemistry at FAU. I appreciate the value of technology in that it fosters human creativity, and serves as a tool to expand the human capability of performing tasks and generating products.  For example, I really enjoy editing videos in my free time, usually consisting of clips I film using my Nikon digital camera. There's one I'm currently editing right now with clips from my birthday; it was more than 2 months ago [...], but I guess why I'm not rushing to finish editing it is because I enjoy editing that video so much. This whole pandemic has been hard for all of us, especially making it hard to see the people we enjoy spending time with. Since I don't see my friends as often, editing that video has almost become..therapeutic? lol. Like I'm salvaging onto those moments of me with my friends.......c h e e s y, indeed. Nevertheless, I'll finish editing t

Meet Our Volunteers - Ella

 Hello! My name is Ella and I am a freshman at FAU High School. I'm planning majoring in biology and computer science, and look forward to exploring job opportunities in the medical field. It is my current dream to attend John's Hopkins for medical school, and I am very interested in learning more about the field of neuroscience. I have been volunteering for SFTFS for about a month, and I've been really enjoying helping senior citizens, mostly with getting Covid-19 vaccine appointments. Nice to meet you and have a great day!

Meet Our Volunteers - Maria

Hello, my name is Maria Castro-Videla a senior in FAU High and a junior at FAU. I am majoring in Computer and Electrical Engineering. I am interested in Artficial Intelligence and want to learn more about this. I am super excited to be a part of the SFTFS group of volunteers and helping seniors in our community better understand technology. I have always loved technology and how it keeps advancing. I am the president of my school's Advanced Experimental Vehicles (AEV) team where we are building the first 4 seater solar cruiser in Florida and where we work with building vehicles! In my free time I love to learn about other cultures and history, listening to music, and watching anime and Kdramas. Nice to meet you!