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Meet Our Volunteers - Izy Bernal

Hi! My name is Izy Bernal and I am a piano major at Dreyfoos High School of the Arts. I also am a travel soccer player at Wellington Wave SC and play for my school's varsity team. I love volunteering at church and out in my community so SFTFS is the perfect outlet for me to continue helping others out! 

Meet Our Volunteers - Sahit

 My name is Sahit Polineni, I am 16 years old and attend Suncoast Highschool in the computer science program. I'm volunteering as a part of this team because I enjoy helping people and hope to help as many people as I can.

Meet Our Volunteers - Max

Hello! I'm Max, an 8th grade student at Conniston Middle School. I am currently enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program where I have the opportunity to I have applied to Suncoast High School to be a Computer Science Major.