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Meet our Volunteers - Brian

Hello Everyone! My name is Brian, and I am currently in 10th grade, in the MSE program, attending Suncoast High School. I'm not as much of a coding person as some other volunteers may be, but I am great with the mechanical aspect of computers. Since I was young, I always loved to work with computers mechanically, and now I can teach seniors about this topic as well. Some of my general hobbies include playing video games and talking to my frineds, as well as Bowling and playing piano. Nice to meet you!

How to Change Desktop Background (Wallpaper) on a Windows Computer

Changing the desktop background is a great way to add some personal touch to your computer. Luckily, it's easy to use any photo on your computer as the background. Step 1:  Open the File Explorer by clicking the yellow rectangle icon on the taskbar at the bottom of your screen.  If you do not see this icon, hold down the Windows key on your keyboard and press the E key. Step 2: Use File Explorer to find your photo. If you know where your picture is located, browse to that location. Otherwise, pictures are usually located in the Pictures folder, which you can access by clicking " Pictures " on the left-hand menu. Step 3: In the pictures, right click on your desired picture to open the menu.  Step 4 : Click on "Set as desktop background" Step 5: After a few moments,   you should see the background on your desktop change to the picture you selected. Tech Tip: to pick a perfect background image, m ake sure the picture is wider than it is tall. Still have question

Introducing the South Florida Tech For Seniors Blog

After months of hard work behind the scenes and collaboration between dozens of our volunteers, we are excited to announce the launch of our new blog! Here's a brief overview of the exclusive content we have to share. Meet our Volunteers Our written content begins with personal introductions to many of our student volunteers. They're not robots or replaceable employees, they're students who genuinely care about seniors volunteering their time to help. You can click here to meet our volunteers . Written Tutorials Our volunteers have been hard at work converting some of our most useful Tech Tip Tuesday video guides into written tutorials. We are working on converting them all add adding original content to create an expansive library of tips, tricks, tutorials, and guides about technology, all designed specifically with seniors in mind. News, Announcements, and More When you visit the New from SFTFS tag, you can read the latest news and announcements from SFTFS, including t

Meet our Volunteers - Rohit D

Hi everyone! I'm Rohit Dasgupta, I'm currently a Computer Science Student in the 10th grade and I'm volunteering at Suncoast Community High School. I volunteer here at South Florida Tech for Students to help out seniors wherever I can. Whenever I'm not volunteering or at School, I spend time with programming for fun, playing music, and exercising. 

Meet Our Volunteers - Sam

Hi there, this is Sam Friedman! I am the founder and president of South Florida Tech For Seniors. I have always loved technology, and soon enough I ended up becoming the go-to "tech guy" in my family. Hearing all the issues my grandparents were having made me realize how many people were just like them, but didn't have someone like me to help out. That was the inspiration behind South Florida Tech For Seniors with the goal of providing those grandchild-like volunteers to help seniors with their tech needs.  Now, I am a computer science major at Suncoast High School, and I plan to pursue computer science in college and beyond. Whether it's building a new computer, writing code to speed up my school work, or programming my speakers to synchronize music throughout the house, I am always exploring ways to use technology to make the world a little bit better. That's why I am so proud of how we've been able to help so many seniors learn to use technology, stay conne

Meet Our Volunteers - Vignesh

 Hello my name is Vignesh and I am attending Sophomore year at Suncoast High. I am enrolled in the CS Program there and enjoying learning how to code. In my free time I like to play video games and also recently learning how to code bots.  I was always interested in technology and I love helping seniors here at SFTFS where I can combine my love of technology and help seniors learn about technology. Nice to meet you and have a nice day.

Meet Our Volunteers - Ethan

Hello, I am Ethan and I am a Junior at Suncoast High School in the Computer Science Program. Computers have always been a big part of my life, from old computer games, to video and audio production, to helping family members with tech problems over the phone. More recently, my computer journey has involved learning to program at Suncoast, building my own computer, interning at a large IT Support Company, and of course Volunteering with South Florida Tech For Seniors. Aside from computers, my other hobbies are mostly skateboarding and playing drums in local bands.

Meet Our Volunteers - Josh L

My name is Joshua Lumaban, and I am a 10th Grade Piano Major at Dreyfoos School of the Arts in West Palm Beach, Florida. As a piano major, I am talented in playing Classical, Romantic, Jazz, Pop, and much more genres of piano music. I am also an athlete. I am currently playing on the school's "Track and Field" team and have previously participated in my school's varsity Soccer Team. I love sports. I love the outdoors. I love music. And most importantly, I love helping others! That's why I have joined SFTFS, and am here to help support the seniors of Sunny South Florida! Can't wait to help those who need tech support.

Meet Our Volunteers - Benjamin

 Hi, I'm Benjamin Friedman, I am a 7th grader at Don Estridge High Tech Middle School. When I go to high school I would like to study computer science. I've always loved helping and learning new things about technology! In my free-time I like to play video games and play basketball. I hope you enjoy SFTFS and everything we do! 😀

Meet Our Volunteers - Mallory

Hello everyone! My name is Mallory, and I am currently a sophomore at FAU High School. I am interested in pursuing a degree in Environmental Engineering, possibly with a Computer Science component. I have always loved to give back to my community, so I was really excited when I heard about SFTFS. My general hobbies include gardening, reading, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and video games.  I am also lucky enough to be conducting research at FAU's Microfluidics and Energy Laboratory, where I am investigating different methods of CO2 capture and electrolysis. I have always been interested in STEM, and hope that this research expands my knowledge and allows me to gain more experience in the world of science.  I'm excited to work with you all, and feel free to reach out to me! -Mallory     

Meet Our Volunteers - Rose

 Hi! I'm Rose Friedman and I am a 9th grader at Suncoast High School. I am in the computer science program, where I have been learning how to code! I've always loved technology and love to help people and the community whenever I can. In my free time I also enjoy playing piano and swimming. I hope you enjoy SFTFS and everything we do!