Meet Our Volunteers - Sam

Hi there, this is Sam Friedman! I am the founder and president of South Florida Tech For Seniors. I have always loved technology, and soon enough I ended up becoming the go-to "tech guy" in my family. Hearing all the issues my grandparents were having made me realize how many people were just like them, but didn't have someone like me to help out. That was the inspiration behind South Florida Tech For Seniors with the goal of providing those grandchild-like volunteers to help seniors with their tech needs. 

Now, I am a computer science major at Suncoast High School, and I plan to pursue computer science in college and beyond. Whether it's building a new computer, writing code to speed up my school work, or programming my speakers to synchronize music throughout the house, I am always exploring ways to use technology to make the world a little bit better.

That's why I am so proud of how we've been able to help so many seniors learn to use technology, stay connected, and more; and of the fantastic team of volunteers we've built so far. 


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