Meet Our Volunteers - Vincent Nguyen

Hello everyone! My name is Vincent, and I am currently a junior at Suncoast High School. I am interested in pursuing a degree in Computer Science. I have always loved to give back to my community, so I was really excited when I heard about SFTFS. I have always been interested in technology, and I hope that this will allow me to gain experience while also helping others gain knowledge. I'm excited to work with you all!


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  2. I am a senior citizen , and also an author. I love to write but hate the tect stuff. That's where I need help.. I need help putting a picture on my phone and transfering it to a manuscript page. You'll need to know how to cut and paste. If you like you can look me up on Amazon books by billie atamer. That will give you an idea of my work. Does this sound like something you'd like to do? Or. you could give me another persons name. Looking forward to hearing from you. Billie Atamer

    1. Hi there! We would love to try to help you out. You can fill out the following form to request some technology support: and we will try to give you a call when we can.

      In the form, make sure to mention what type of phone you have, along with what you are using that you want it transferred to so that we have a better idea of what we need to help you with.

      Let us know if you have any other questions!


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