Meet Our Volunteers - Rachel

Hello Everyone! 

My name is Rachel Semenchuk, I'm a Senior at FAU High School, and a Junior majoring in Biochemistry at FAU. I appreciate the value of technology in that it fosters human creativity, and serves as a tool to expand the human capability of performing tasks and generating products. 

For example, I really enjoy editing videos in my free time, usually consisting of clips I film using my Nikon digital camera. There's one I'm currently editing right now with clips from my birthday; it was more than 2 months ago [...], but I guess why I'm not rushing to finish editing it is because I enjoy editing that video so much. This whole pandemic has been hard for all of us, especially making it hard to see the people we enjoy spending time with. Since I don't see my friends as often, editing that video has almost become..therapeutic? lol. Like I'm salvaging onto those moments of me with my friends.......c h e e s y, indeed. Nevertheless, I'll finish editing that thing..


I do work with a lot of technology with the Huntington's Disease research I'm currently pursuing at the College of Medicine and the high school's Imaging Lab. The equipment mainly consists of Electron Microscopes (by Nikon*™* of course <3) and Immunostaining instruments. I'm grateful for this opportunity that I get to utilize tech in research, especially seen how resourceful it is in Genetic Engineering through diagnosing disease conditions, improving medical treatments, researching recombinant DNA, and aiding with the production of vaccines. 

I like working with my dad to design and build new technologies using the 3D printer we have, rollerblade, play piano, listen to podcasts, and read poetry. 

I'm excited to get started with the opportunity to aid seniors utilizing technological services, whether that be through running the blog or creating video/media content. Nice to meet you!


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